We started Iron Heron to meet the needs of skilled tradeswomen and hobbyists who want 100% natural fiber workwear that is comfortable, has full sized pockets and is tough enough to stand up to rigors of the jobs and hobbies we women choose to pursue.

The reasons you came to our site are as individual as you are. Maybe you need 100% natural fiber clothing because your job or hobby involves sparks or open flames. Perhaps you find it more comfortable than blended materials. You might need big pockets to keep the tools of your trade handy as you go about your day. It’s possible that you like generous pockets so you don’t have to carry a purse or a bag. Maybe the durable fabric caught your eye.  Perhaps you want reinforced knees and stress points for your workwear. Whatever reason brought you here, we’re glad you found us!

- Sarah Ross, Founder

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